Flash slow or fast?

While Marvel's comic heroes continue to save the world (at various studios), most of DC's A-list and B-team sit on the bench instead of knocking villains and box office receipts out of the park.

The fleet-footed FLASH could be cramping up, at least according to THE DARK KNIGHT producer Charles Roven. As he recently told IGN, Roven was previously involved with the red-spandexed runner but isn't sure of his current inertia: "The David Goyer screenplay, that didn't work. Goyer left the project. We then embarked with [WEDDING CRASHERS director] David Dobkin, trying to come up with another approach. We hadn't even hired a writer at that point. So for us, we completely understood [the studio's desire to start from scratch]. I've been making movies with Warner Bros. for 15 years, so that was fine, but I hope one day there's a way for me to get re-involved in the project."

But wait -- then current screenwriter Dan Mazeau dropped them a line with encouraging words: "Just to chime in on your latest article: THE FLASH has not been hobbled. Everything is moving forward as planned. I'm still writing the script. [FLASH comic writer] Geoff Johns is still consulting."

With the recent announcement of DC Entertainment and WB's supposed new focus on getting the comic characters onto screens, it's possible the Fastest Man Alive will find traction soon. Then again, when you take into consideration previous things like CATWOMAN (we'll not speak of it further), the intended JUSTICE LEAGUE OF NOBODIES, and plans for a "wacky" GREEN LANTERN with Jack Black, you should probably count your blessings that you even got a couple of decent Batman movies.

Extra Tidbit: Wonder what John Wesley Shipp is up to?
Source: IGN



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