Flemyng wants Carter

Flemyng n Pitt in SNATCH

Jason Flemyng is one of those little known actors who always delivers perfectly on screen, and thus deserves much more love and greater star-making roles. And by God if the man wants a part in a big movie he should get it. Although the one he wants more than anything right now isn't available...

Talking to the folks at Moviehole, the actor reveals he's desperately trying to be cast in Pixar's live-action JOHN CARTER OF MARS, saying one of the roles is a perfect fit for him. Only thing is, he's not on top of the list. "It's already cast, but the people who have been cast haven't been signed, so a couple of them hopefully will pull out or fall out or whatever," Flemyng muses. And director Andrew Stanton, whom Flemyng admires, had better give the actor due consideration. “Or you find me un-doing their brake cables! Then the part is mine. It's a nice part. really. It's great.

Might not always get what he wants nor deserves, but he has been getting a steady stream of respectable work for years. Aside from the currently filming CLASH OF THE TITANS, he's got SOLOMON KANE in the can and is soon to begin filming medieval tale IRONCLAD alongside Brian Cox and Bob Hoskins. Still, Stanton should give him a call; break jobs are expensive...

My memory of Princess of Mars is a little rusty; What character could be the one he wants so badly?

Extra Tidbit: Even though he had almost no dialogue and was a mere shadow to Brad Pitt, he was funny as hell in SNATCH. That's the mark of a great actor.
Source: Moviehole



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