Fred Claus Trailer

A few days ago I tore up the four new FRED CLAUS posters because they deserved it. But that was only on this website. If I had them in my hands I'd tear them up too. And after those debacles, I was really curious to see the new FRED CLAUS trailer that was just released, to see if it lived up to it's paper counterparts' lifeless and generic advertising.

After having seen it, I can say that the trailer is a little better than the posters, but that's only because of Vince Vaughan. It's safe to say that he'll be just about the only good thing in this movie. For Vaughan fans, this might be enough, but for people hoping that he and director David Dobkin will recapture their WEDDING CRASHERS magic, I'd look elsewhere. This movie looks like it's aimed squarely for the tots with Vaughan in there as bait to lure older folk. And like I said before, the whole elf thing is OVER. In fact it never even began. Check out the trailer HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Did you guys catch Ludacris pop up in the role of an angry elf? That's ludicrous!
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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