Free Burwell music

Brendon at film ick was cool enough to point us in the direction of composer Carter Burwell's website and, if you're a fan of the music from any Coen Bros. movie, THREE KINGS, BEING JOHN MALKOVICH (good god, man, you should be), or any of the ridiculous number of other films for which he provided the soundtrack, then you have good reason to head THERE right now. Why? Because much of that music (and other media) - in some cases even entire soundtracks - is available to download. That includes tracks from the recently released FUR and the upcoming THE HOAX. Burwell is one of the best in the biz so get goin'. What's more, he's also provided a first look photo (seen above) from the Coens' upcoming adventure thriller, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, for which the score is now being written. OLD MEN, which follows a hunter who stumbles upon a stash of dead bodies, heroin, and millions in cash, causing mayhem to ensue, currently does not have a US release date but is slated for a 2007 international release.

Extra Tidbit: Heath Ledger was at one point attached to star in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.



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