Gamer lapdance

Have you had a long day at work? Can you think of anything that would make you feel relaxed? Well, I think I might know just the thing, courtesy of the viral marketing from GAMER. How about a customizable lapdance?

If you head on over to societyargirls.com, you can have your choice of either blonde Candy or brunette Aiko. Also, if you'd like a little something more Natalie Portman in CLOSER, you can get the girls in that costume change too. As soon as you figure out what girl you want and how you want her dressed, then you can pick the type of dance you want her to do for you. Then just sit back, pop open a beer, and enjoy a little rump shaking.

I saw the trailer for GAMER before BRUNO, and wasn't really sure what to think. It wasn't a movie that made me jump out of my chair but Gerard Butler kicking ass is good in my opinion.

Just make sure before you go check it out that your printer is in working order. You have to print an i-con to flash at the screen much like the card for the D9 simulation. Other than that as long as you have a webcam, you're good to go.

Extra Tidbit: Oh, and make sure your kids aren't around when you do this, or you might end up on this site.
Source: lionsgate.com



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