Get Smart teaser

Even though EVAN ALMIGHTY somewhat tanked at the box-office, it's hard for me to imagine that having any effect on his career. Besides, it's not his fault the budget ballooned into one of the highest ever for a comedy. His work on THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN, and on THE OFFICE have cemented him as one of our finest screen comedians. Next summer, he has the action comedy GET SMART hitting theatres, a remake of the popular 60's TV series, and although the movie is just a little under a year away, Warner Bros. has already released the first TEASER.

As you would expect, they don't show us much. Most of it is Steve Carrell as Maxwell Smart, being a bumbling secret agent, kind of like an American Jacques Clouseau. We see little bits of costars Anne Hathaway as Agent 99, Dwayne Johnson (who appears to have ditched The Rock from his moniker) as agent 23, and Alan Arkin as the head of CONTROL, the secret organization which the agents work for. Terrence Stamp also makes an appearance as Siegfried, an agent of KAOS, the sinister group that does battle with Carrell's CONTROL. It's a pretty good start to what should be a fine a movie, and yes, that is Ken Davitian who Carrell throws the phone at, otherwise known as the man whose balls Borat almost ate. The movie comes out on June 20th of next year.

Extra Tidbit: Masi Oka, who many of you know and love as Hiro Nakamura from NBC's HEROES, is also in this one.
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