Grant no longer Lost

Hugh Grant has starred in some pretty bad romantic comedies over the years so it's saying something that the man finally threw down the gauntlet and found a script he disliked so badly he just couldn't go through with it. Grant has dropped out of LOST FOR WORDS, a Universal Pictures romantic comedy with "creative differences" cited as the reason. The film, where Grant would co-star with Zhang Ziyi, was originally scheduled to begin filming this past September but script concerns pushed back the start date. The revisions didn't seem to work well for Hugh who decided to back out of the film completely instead of going ahead and taking home a fat paycheck. Grant's departure isn't spelling disaster for the film, which is still moving ahead and looking for a suitable replacement. The plot of the film revolved around a British actor taking a role in a Chinese film and falling for the director (Ziyi). Susanne Bier (THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE) is set to direct the film. Hugh Grant can be seen next starring in Marvel Studios' CAPTAIN AMERICA. Just kidding.

Extra Tidbit: Grant's middle name is Mungo. Mungo?
Source: Variety



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