Green Arrow deets!

My main man El Mayimbe at Latino Review got his hands on the script for SUPERMAX, the Green Arrow film in development at Warner Bros. David Goyer rewrote the script originally written by Justin Marks (STREET FIGHTER: THE LEGEND OF CHUN-LI). The film, if you remember, is a Green Arrow movie that's not your ordinary origin superhero movie. In the film Arrow is sentenced to prison after being set up for murder. While in the Supermax prison (set up for supervillains) he needs to escape with the help of the villains he set out to stop. Sez Mayimbe of the script: The script delivers on all levels and I think, Goyer has himself another winner here. The studio would be on crack not to make this. The script alones deserves it’s own graphic novel in the least. They also scoop the villains who will appear in the film and they include Shock Trauma, Gemini, Icicle, Split, Floronic Man, Vertigo, Calculator, Blockbuster and more (including cameos from classic DC villains like Joker, Lex Luthor and Riddler). Check out their article here for even more on the film!

Source: Latino Review



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