Hathaway Finds Fiance

With her real life romance in shambles, Anne Hathaway can only hope to have better luck on the big screen. Unfortunately for her, she has just been cast in FIANCE, a film in which she plays a woman who cancels wedding plans and breaks up with her seemingly perfect fiance so she can try tfind herself. Her parents try and fix things between the two, which of course makes it harder for Hathaway's character to move on.

The film is to be directed by Burt Steers, who just finished shooting the Zac Effron vehicle 17 AGAIN. The comedy was originally set up at Disney, only to be dropped. But once the white-hot Hathaway became attached, FIANCE had bidding war written all over it. Congratulations to Warner Brothers for winning said bidding war, and helping poor Anne pick up the pieces of a love life gone awry--even if it is only on celluloid.
Extra Tidbit: The script was rewritten by Etan Cohen, who just wrote SHERLOCK HOLMES for Judd Appatow.
Source: Variety



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