Heath's last days

It's been over a year since we lost Heath Ledger, and with all the hoopla surrounding Michael Jackson's death, it feels like Heath's passing went almost unnoticed in comparison. But I still remember how sad I was when I found out about Heath--partly because it was so unexpected, and partly because it signalled the loss of an unlimited potential. Jackson had already exhausted his potential, but Heath wasn't even close. Much in the same way that Jackson's death has spawned infinite theories and incessant speculation over his last days, Heath's too, were shrouded in mystery.

The August issue of Vanity Fair features Heath Ledger on the cover, as prolific Hollywood scholar Peter Biskind examines the many factors that may have led to Ledger's demise. According to VF, Biksind's piece "explores Ledger’s final movie role, his uncertainty about Hollywood, his devotion to his young daughter, and what happened in the days and weeks leading up to his death as he battled chronic insomnia, pneumonia, and exhaustion." The issue itself hits newsstands on July 7th but you can check out a preview HERE.

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Source: Vanity Fair



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