Henry Cavill comments on the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman in Man of Steel sequel

Much has been made of Ben Affleck taking on the mantle of the bat for the MAN OF STEEL sequel, currently being referred to as BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, but we haven't heard anything from ol' Supes himself, Henry Cavill...until now. Total Film has an exclusive sound bite clip from Cavill who comments eloquently on the casting of Affleck, citing the actor's tenacity and style as a show of his dedication to such a career-defining role as Batman.

Here's his quote (video below):

"I'm sure he'll be fantastic, above all else, and as a filmmaker he's got his own style, you know, he's not copying anyone else. And he's also sort of been tenacious in his career. He's had ups followed by downs and now he's very up again and I think that requires and shows a very special strength of character, and it's something I enjoy working with because jobs like this require a strength of character. They require a dedication to the work and a belief in oneself and Ben has that, clearly."

I haven't had any issue with Batfleck since the announcement and look forward to seeing what he brings to the bat table. Cavill sums up a lot of what many supporters have said since the beginning and I think it's dead on. Affleck knows humility and has fought hard to get back in the trenches, but has done so on his own terms and I admire that, personally. He's been an interesting and surprising talent to watch, especially when you look back on where he started up to where he is now.

BATMAN VS SUPERMAN is set to open on July 17, 2015.

Extra Tidbit: Just for the sake of beating a dead horse, who would you rather have play Batman?
Source: Total Film



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