Howard's new Children

Despite an already busy schedule, Ron Howard has added another film to his list of movies to direct. He has signed on to direct the Universal adaptation of Claire Messud's novel THE EMPEROR'S CHILDREN. While Howard goes off to direct FROST/NIXON, Noah Baumbach (THE SQUID AND THE WHALE) will work on adapting the script for Howard. The story follows a group of upper-class kids from New York who are approaching their 30s and still haven't made much of their lives. They deal with their various projects, sex, prestigious fathers and a meddling cousin who looks to tear them apart. It's unclear when Howard would work on CHILDREN. He has the DA VINCI code prequel ANGELS AND DEMONS, CACHE and COLOSSUS all in the works. Howard is also busy playing grandpa (Richie Cunningham is a grandpa?!) to Theo, son of daughter Bryce Dallas Howard. That's really apropos of nothing other than I wanted an excuse to link to some hot Bryce Dallas Howard pics. Mission accomplished.

Extra Tidbit: No, I'm NOT the father of the baby. Stop askin'...
Source: Variety



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