Indy 4 details

I suppose you could call the below report a spoiler for INDIANA JONES 4, but I don't think it's really pretty harmless. That said, if you want to be 100% pure, avert ye eyes. More details have emerged from New Haven, CT on the scenes that will be filmed there at the end of June. According to the New Haven Register, Harrison Ford will be on set for a week as Dr. Jones filming a critical chase scene. Apparently a group of bad guys in black sedans track down Jones to Yale University and engage him in a chase across campus. Indy will be riding a motorcycle through the streets, across the campus and even in some of the buildings. At one point, in true INDIANA JONES comic fashion, Indy intercepts a football students are tossing around and uses it as a weapon. He eventually dodges the baddies as the scene is expected to culminate with the explosion and flipping of one of the sedans. Sounds pretty crazy. I was thinking of making my way out to New Haven for the week to see what I could see but if anyone in town happens to be there as well, make sure to take some pics and send em in.

Extra Tidbit: The article also confirms that the film takes place in 1957.



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