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It is a very difficult job to hide my love for all the goodness Edgar Wright has contributed to celluloid as of late. You see, both HOT FUZZ and SHAUN OF THE DEAD are two of my favorite films, not to mention their other work including the cult series "Spaced". Edgar shares the love that I have for Dario Argento and of course ZOMBIES.

He has a very unique ability to create extremely funny moments that will either drift into horror or kick-ass action in mere seconds. And with today's release of HOT FUZZ on DVD (you can buy the film HERE or read my review HERE), I am happy to report that I can finally begin to learn the dialogue by heart and prove my film geek status. Although I will say I'm disappointed that we in the States only get the single disc version while you lucky bastards in the UK get the double disc. What up with that? Sadly, I did not get the chance to find out what the deal was with that, but to all our friends across the pond, please enjoy all the extra goodness that we Yanks did not get to enjoy (at least without a region free DVD player).

I recently got to sit down with both Edgar and Nick Frost and it was terrific speaking to them. Loved Frost in SHAUN and he continues his greatness here, "…by the power of Greyskull!". It was not my first time getting to chat with either of them so I was very much looking forward to talking about the DVD release and doing press interviews in your underwear. It's nice to see someone making movies who really LOVES movies as much as these guys do. There is a respect that is clearly evident, that I think sometimes people don't have, with some it seems to be more arrogance than love. But Edgar is a child of cinema and truly relishes the fact that he is creating some damn fine entertainment.

And in order to support that damn fine stuff, go out on July 31st and check out the awesomeness of HOT FUZZ on DVD or Play the Online Sandford Shoot-Out Game RIGHT HERE or scroll below the interview and click on the screen-shot from the game. It's all good!

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