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We recently had the chance to chat with producer Michael Bay and a few of the castmates from the upcoming "re-imagination" of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (opening on Friday, October 17). To read all of the interviews, head on over to our very own Arrow in the Head, who conducted the chats for us. Some excerpts below...


You made your on-screen debut on "7th Heaven" which is a family show and then you moved on to "The Rules of Attraction" which was a little edgier, then "Texas Chainsaw" which is a lot edgier. Was that deliberate? Are you trying to break out of that wholesome image and target an audience closer to you, like a college-aged crowd?

I don’t want to break away from any image. "7th Heaven" has been wonderful to me. The only thing they ever gave me was a strong character, a normal girl that makes mistakes like every other kid makes, but who was still smart and an athlete. I think that image is a really great image. It was never a conscious choice. When "The Rules of Attraction" came along I met with Roger (Avary) and he was amazing, I thought "I have to be part of this". When "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" came along and I met with Marcus, I thought "I have to be part of this". It was never like "Okay, Rules of Attraction, I’ll look hot, sexy and older or Texas now I’m strong and cool", it was never to get away from an image, it just sort of happened. Also, as you get older, your tastes change, you never think it's going to happen. I remember being 15 and thinking I’m going to read “Seventeen” forever. I remember thinking that and I don’t even own a subscription to Seventeen anymore.  


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