Iron Man 2 pics, a possible spoiler easter egg, and a cool Whiplash figure

In case you're not completely ironed out yet, here's a few more bits on Marvel's returning hero in IRON MAN 2

First, we've got a bunch of new snaps from the movie in the database -- click the metal-clad RDJ below to check out the full array.

Also (and this shouldn't surprise anyone who spotted Nick Fury's long-rumored appearance in IRON MAN), Bad Taste says that the sequel will also feature a post-credits bonus scene, this one involving Captain America and Thor. Ah, but in what capacity, if true? It seems highly unlikely the costumes would be revealed so long before they hit screens themselves, and months before Comic Con (when such spectacles would typically debut), so would the other heroes merit a blurry photo, silhouette, or maybe just a casual mention? I'll be hanging around through the credits to find out.

Finally, here's a look at the Whiplash figure from Hot Toys, a Hong Kong production house known for detailed figures from popular genre movies (TERMINATOR, ALIENS, PREDATOR, THE DARK KNIGHT) with sculpts that typically bear a chilling resemblance to their human counterparts. This one, currently available for preorder at Sideshow, is nearly as plastic-looking as the actual Mickey Rourke. Click his waxy mug for more views.

Extra Tidbit: Yeah, I'm ready to see it.
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