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Jake Gyllenhaal can't get enough of his pectorals in this Southpaw poster



In case you missed the trailer for SOUTHPAW in which every pivotal plot point of the movie is given, the story follows that of boxer Billy Hope as he ups his game in the ring to win back his daughter. Jake Gyllenhaal plays the titular southpaw in Antoine Fuqua's hard-hitting drama, and we have a new poster with Jake checking out his Gyllenhaal's. Take a look!

southpaw-poster-jake-gyllenhaalWhat do you think he's feeling for his pectorals? Disgust? Rage? A mutual understanding that despite not really using them, the need for nipples on a man is mandatory?

Jokes aside, the poster conveys everything you need to say about this film. I wish the trailer, of which you can see below, took a more minimalistic approach, but what can ya do? The Gyllenhaal's been delivering solid work for a long time now and I'm sure his turn as a boxer will yield some great results. The story, on the other hand, is a wait and see.

SOUTHPAW hits theaters on July 31, 2015.



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