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Jason Momoa and Lucas Till are part of the lycanthrope population in Wolves


Do you need more werewolves in your life? Sure you do.

Jason Momoa (CONAN, GAME OF THRONES) and Lucas Till (X-MEN: FIRST CLASS) have signed on for the directorial debut of X-MEN writer, David Hayter's WOLVES.

Hayter also serves as scribe on the project, which centers on, "a young man (Till) who transforms into a werewolf and finds himself falsely accused of murdering his parents. He goes on the run, eventually arriving at a small town called Lupine Ridge that has a history of supernatural happenings. Momoa will play the badass werewolf patriarch of the town."

This doesn't sound like something I am particularly into, but those who favor TRUE BLOOD or TWILIGHT might get into it. Plus, dudes dig on Momoa's badassery. For all the momoans, make sure to check out BULLET TO THE HEAD starring Momoa and Sylvester Stallone on February 1st, 2013.

Production on the film begins in Toronto next month.

Source: THR



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