Director John McTiernan working on a film despite upcoming jail time

A little jail time is not going to stop director John McTiernan from putting together projects.

Despite a one-year sentence, the "Free John McTiernan!" page on Facebook announced that the helmer is currently busy working on a script for a film titled, WARBIRDS. This is what was posted on the page:

Exclusive news from Free John Mctiernan! The director isn't giving up hope of getting back behind the camera some day, and has been working for several months now on a script called Warbirds, inspired from the adventure films of George Roy Hill (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Sting). A very dear project for McTiernan, it tells the tale of a group of aerial firefighters who also lead a secret life during the winter. For the past few years, McTiernan had to give up on six different projects, as he was unable to get completion bonds from insurance companies. Let's all cross our fingers so that this one comes to pass.

McTiernan has been trying to get a few things going in the past, but unfortunately it hasn't panned out for him. I don't know your personal thoughts on whether it's fair that he goes to jail or not, however, I've really enjoyed the guy's career. Whenever he does get the opportunity to work on something that will follow through, I can't wait to see it.

Source: FacebookMoviefone



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