Joker in December?

This past weekend will go down as a milestone in my life as an ‘online movie buff web surfer guy’ because not only was it the big reveal of one of my most anticipated film characters in recent memory, but the way it was revealed had me ‘geeking out’, which I believe is the correct term for it.

Now in the aftermath, in this suddenly bleak upcoming movie world where we have nothing to look forward to, I feel empty. But wait! There is something new on Ibelieveinharveydenttoo.com! Oh wait, it just says ‘Page not found.’ But wait again! If you highlite the blackness you’ll see endless rows of ‘Hahahaha’ appear. Pretty cool I guess, but a little boring after a while. But wait once more! In the midst of all the laughter are letters the form the message ‘See you in December.” Does this mean we’ll be seeing the Clown Prince in trailer-form this December? Let’s see here. Warner Bros. has both THE GOLDEN COMPASS and Will Smith’s I AM LEGEND coming out this December, both prime candidates for a DARK KNIGHT teaser or trailer premiere. At least we know that after this weekend, however Warners chooses to slowly reveal this movie upon us, chances are it will be done right.

Extra Tidbit: The company behind the Joker marketing blitz is 42 Entertainment, the company behind HALO 2 promos and the NIN YEAR ZERO marketing campaign. They've also recently registered seeyouindecember.com
Source: Comingsoon.net



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