Jones' Code gets Jake

With a wink and a smile. And a giant bunny.

You'd think a talented and highly praised actor like Jake Gyllenhaal would have better things to do then pick up Topher Grace's sloppy seconds, especially now that's he about to be an action star as well with PRINCE OF PERSIA. But when one of the most promising new directors in town is asking...

MOON helmer Duncan Jones will follow-up on his big debut with sci-fi thriller SOURCE CODE for Vendome Pictures and distributor Summit. The project had been set-up for Grace at Universal two years ago, but that Venom thing happened and now Grace is gone. No pun intended.

Gyllenhaal signed on  to overtake the lead role of a soldier who finds himself transported in the body of a random commuter on board a train destined to blow up, with the event repeating itself until he can figure out who's behind it. Production begins early next year, right after Summit is done breaking the motherfriggin bank with that NEW MOON thing.

Extra Tidbit: Seriously, where IS Topher Grace these days? I heard the PREDATORS rumor, but nothing was ever confirmed.
Source: Variety



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