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Jump rope movie


Sometimes my friends and I will have debates about what we consider a sport. Golf? Yes. Ice skating? No. NASCAR? Split among party lines. But how about jump roping?

Well, someone apparently thinks so, which is why Duane Adler, who co-wrote STEP UP and SAVE THE LAST DANCE is now working on JUMP AROUND, which is exactly what you think it is. The film will follow the world of hardcore double-dutch jump roping which apparently exists, proving this story isnít something I pulled from The Onion.

Apparently, jump roping has been recognized in New York as an actual sport earlier this year, and this news of a feature film adaptation makes me think that I may one day see my dream of a freeze tag movie realized.

Hereís the kind of wicked action you have to look forward to:

Extra Tidbit: If something requires coordination, does that automatically make it a sport?
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Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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