Kate & Underworld x3?

Kate's big guns

A 4th UNDERWORLD movie was almost inevitable, as proven with reports of Screen Gems planning it, a few weeks ago. Those films don't break the bank, but the smaller-than-Bay production cost makes them profitable apparently. AND there's a vampire craze sweeping Hollywood these days, so why bother doing something new?

What we didn't know is who would headline and what it'd be about, other than vampires and werewolves and a hot British babe in tight leather.

From the looks of it, the search for a new lean lady to don the fangs won't be a very hard one. The next installment could actually span 3 films, a whole trilogy, and be centered around the original's dishy vamp Selene.  According to the guys at ShockTillYouDrop, Kate Beckinsale might indeed reprise her geek-gasmic role. The unconfirmed report has been rumbling around the net all weekend long..

Of course, nothing should be taken to the bank until official announcements come, but really, why not? As beautiful as she continues to be, Kate just never went supernova in her career as we all expected; dropping out for RISE OF THE LYCANS wasn't a bad move, but she didn't really expand. As Vin Diesel proved recently, coming back to your star-making franchise after a break can not only be good for the wallet, it might revive a fading career and oftentimes it's what we fans want. Don't we? Want Kate back among big guns and tight leather?

Extra Tidbit: IF Kate passes, then who WOULD we want?



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