Keira is loverly?

Sony Pictures is looking to reamke MY FAIR LADY and is in talks with Keira Knightley to star as Eliza Doolittle. The story follows a cockney flower girl who's transformed into a lady by arrogant phonetics professor Henry Huggins. While this version will differ from the play and the 1964 film somewhat, it will not move to modern times and will retain the score and songs. It's unclear what exactly they want to do to update the film (at least to me) but they're looking to "dramatize the emotional highs and lows" of Doolittle's metamorphosis by drawing upon material from "Pygmalion," which served as the basis for LADY. Audrey Hepburn starred with Rex Harrison in the original film but it was Julie Andrews who made the part famous on Broadway. The film will be produced by Duncan Kenworthy who worked with Knightley on LOVE ACTUALLY. I always pictured Natalie Portman in the Eliza Doolittle part should it ever be remade but Knightley can look so much like her, I suppose it's a wash. No word yet on when filming might begin.

Extra Tidbit: In the mid-90s, Don Bluth was given the choice of animating remakes of either MY FAIR LADY or ANASTASIA. He chose ANASTASIA.
Source: Variety



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