Kidman a trannie

Nicole Kidman If you ever fantasized about Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron getting it on on screen, well that fantasy will soon come true. Just not quite in the way you probably thought, what with the candle wax and whipped cream and farm animals. Kidman, you see, has signed on to star as Einar Wegener, the world's first post-op transsexual, with Theron starring as his/her wife Greta Wegener in a filmed titled THE DANISH GIRL. Based on David Ebershoff's bestselling book, when Einar stood in for a female model for Greta, a painter in 1920s Copenhagen, the portrait become incredibly popular. Greta then encouraged Einar to continue with the female cover until Einar decided to become a full blown woman by undergoing surgery in 1931. Anand Tucker will direct from a script by Lucinda Coxon. Kidman can next be seen in the epic AUSTRALIA and the musical NINE. Theron can next be seen in the drama THE BURNING PLAIN and the drama THE ROAD.

Extra Tidbit: Kidman was originally slated to star in PANIC ROOM but an injury during MOULIN ROUGE! prevented her from doing so.
Source: THR



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