Kidman. Dench. Nine.

I had no idea the hit Broadway musical NINE was based on Fellini’s masterpiece (one of several) 8 ½. I wrote a paper on that flick a few years back—or rather bought one online—so I’m pretty intrigued by a) a musical based on it, and b) a film adaptation of said musical. Director Rob Marshall (CHICAGO) is already on board to direct the adaptation, with Javier Bardem tapped to play a director trying to complete an ambitious project while juggling the various women in his life. Those women so far include the stunning international trio of Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotrillard, and Sophia Loren. That’s got like a past, present, and future vibe to it. And now, to round out the trans-national harem of beauty seems to be Nicole Kidman and Dame Judi Dench. Kidman currently has another human being living inside of her, but should be rid of him/her in time to start shooting.

We all know Kidman has the vocal talent from her role in MOULIN ROUGE, ad Judi Dench actually has an extensive musical background to her credit. Don’t act surprised. She’s a Dame. So that’s 5 women, 5 different countries, and 5 reasons nominees for Best actress at the 2010 Oscars, a new record for one film.

Extra Tidbit: Late director Anthony Minghella was doing rewrites on this script before the Writer's strike.



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