King's Insomnia a go?

You know I had no idea there were even plans to make Stephen King's INSOMNIA into a movie until I got an e-mail this weekend about the scoop on who would be directing. Apparently INSOMNIA will be a movie and our bud Johnny Butane was at the "Weekend of Horrors" here in NJ where he found out that the film would be directed by Rob Schmidt (WRONG TURN). Now I didn't love WRONG TURN but the movie definitely has some devoted fans in the horror community. Our own Arrow is one and apparently Stephen King is another. King reportedly sought after Schmidt for the directing role after loving what he did in WRONG TURN. Schmidt will also bring with him Stan Winston who he worked with on TURN. I'll be honest and admit that INSOMNIA isn't one of the King books I've ever read but it involves a guy who can't sleep (natch) and auras, creepy surgeons, hallucinations and more. No word yet on when the film could begin production.

Extra Tidbit: The book takes place in Derry, Maine where "It" also was set.
Source: Dread Central



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