King's kid sells Horns

Stephen King's son Joe Hill sold his debut novel, "Heart-Shaped Box," to Warner Bros. despite the fact that he used an alias (his real name is Joseph Hillstrom King) and no one knew he was the son of a famous author. While that book is still working its way through the Hollywood system, Hill's next novel has already been optioned and it hasn't even been released yet.

Mandalay has picked up the rights to "Horns," Hill's second novel, which William Morrow will publish in February. The film follows a man who wakes up one morning from a blackout hangover and finds horns sprouting out of his head. The reason why seems to lie in the unsolved murder of his girlfriend. Sometimes I've felt like horns are going to sprout from my skull during my worst hangover headache but so far I've been lucky to not transform into Hellboy the morning after.

While Mandalay's plan is to develop the project before seeking financing or securing a distribution deal, they do have a first-look deal at Universal (they're currently working with the studio and Martin Scorsese on the Frank Sinatra biopic).

Extra Tidbit: Hill stars in the little boy Billy in the prologue for CREEPSHOW, which his father wrote.
Source: Variety



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