Kristen Wiig wants to be a Clown Girl

I think it's fair to say that Kristen Wiig is a funny chick that most of us look forward to seeing in anything.

Well, the ambitious Wiig is trying to get her own project off the ground. The comedienne is using her own money to option Clown Girl, a novel written by Monica Drake.

Wiig will adapt the novel into a script about a heroine named Nita. Nita is barely scraping by in Baloneytown as a street clown called Sniffles. She's also pining after a guy who used her to finance his way through clown school. Because of this, Nita barely has any money to her name and is resisting making big money by means of prostitution to men with "clown fetishes".

The novel was published back in 2007 by Hawthorne Press.

Wiig can be seen next on the 21st in MACGRUBER starring Will Forte and Val Kilmer.

Extra Tidbit: Wiig is still a cast member on SNL. When was the last time that show was actually funny every Saturday?
Source: Deadline



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