Lethal Weapon 5

It is being reported today that LETHAL WEAPON 5 is a go, so long as Mel Gibson signs on. Gibson of course is currently off shooting EDGE OF DARKNESS. Shane Black, who gave man-birth to the franchise way back when, has penned a lengthy treatment for the movie that involves bringing in a couple of young NYPD cops. There's no word as to whether or not Danny Glover has signed on but I think it's safe to say he has since what the fuck else is he doing.

Right off the bat: I'm only down with this if Shane Black writes and directs. If not, screw it. Also, word to the wise: if you want Gibson to agree you know what you have to do. Just man up and make the villains, ya know, Jewish. A shady cabal of Jewish businessmen. It's nothing if not fresh. Also, I hate the idea of two young NYPD cops. Didn't we learn our lesson with Chris Rock?
Extra Tidbit: Jet Li had to slow his movements down in LETHAL WEAPON 4 because he was too fast for the camera to capture.
Source: EW



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