Mel isn't homeless

I hadn't realized it when EDGE OF DARKNESS was first announced, but Mel Gibson's first lead role since SIGNS was basically being made without a studio.

Fortunately that's no longer the case -- Warner Bros. has acquired the movie for distribution. The movie is in post-production but no release date has been set. WB has been Gibson's home for a number of projects, including the LETHAL WEAPON and MAD MAX series.

DARKNESS comes from CASINO ROYALE director Martin Campbell (based on his BBC series) and THE DEPARTED writer William Monahan, so it's not really a surprise that a major studio would grab it, despite Gibson's recent eccentricities.

The movie features Gibson as a Boston homicide detective investigating his own daughter's death and uncovering high-level corruption. Ray Winstone (replacing Robert DeNiro) plays a government "cleaner" sent to handle the matter in the way that shady movie government types do.

Extra Tidbit: In regards to the possibility of revisiting the LETHAL WEAPON franchise, Gibson tells MTV: "I think we got everything we could out of it." And then some...
Source: Variety



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