Michael Bay's site confirms what we already knew about the Fox switch

When the news broke out that Megan Fox was leaving the TRANSFORMERS franchise, a few fans were waiting for the confirmation from director Michael Bay.

It's a little late in coming, but Bay's site is finally addressing the switch. Here's the original post:

Nelson here...

"I would like for all you S4TE fans to welcome Rosie Huntington Whiteley to the world of Transformers. As some of you might know, she's the new female lead in Transformers 3. She's worked with Michael before in his Victoria's Secret "A Thousand Fantasies" ad. You can view it here and here."

Yes, the first video link does contain a shot of three models in lingerie posing while an explosion is set off behind them. It's sort of hilarious.

The rest of the post is an article from the LA Times about the crew of TRANSFORMERS taking over the streets of Los Angeles. Here's some excerpts:

"The DreamWorks/Paramount Pictures production has been shooting on a sound stage at the former Spruce Goose Howard Hughes hangar at Playa Vista and will film exterior shots throughout the L.A. area over the next several weeks, including Long Beach, West Hollywood, Century City and Malibu.The first two "Transformers" movies were also shot heavily in Southern California, filming numerous scenes downtown and at Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert."

"In all, six weeks of the 4 1/2 months of shooting will occur in the L.A. area, with the rest of the filming spread across Chicago, Detroit, Washington and Cape Canaveral, Fla., and a few foreign locales, including Russia and an undisclosed African country, [Ian] Bryce said."

"Bryce said the science-fiction action movie starring Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Patrick Dempsey required more diverse locations than L.A. could offer, and also cited the advantages of "very attractive rebates" offered in Michigan and Illinois, which will also host the production for six weeks."

"The picture, with an estimated production budget of at least $200 million and a local crew of nearly 500, would not qualify for California's new film incentive program, which is limited to movies with budgets of up to $75 million."

So that's why Bay picked her...
Extra Tidbit: Um, didn't they figure the budget would go over $75 million? It is Michael Bay.



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