Mike Myers' new face

Lest you think it was an insanely early April Fool's joke, Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN 2 is actually happening. I know. I know... But for those who are slightly more optimistic, Zombie has updated his MySpace blog with some information on his plans for the sequel. First, he announces that Tyler Mane has officially signed on to return as Michael Myers. Second, he also posted a photo of the new look for Myers, which is slightly more rugged than the original. Says Zombie of the new look:

If you thought Michael was fucked before, you ain't seen nothing yet! He is bigger, meaner and more psycho than Dr. Loomis ever thought possible.

How is he getting bigger? Is he hitting the free weights at the gym? Maybe he's just getting fatter... Anyway, check out the new face below and click on it to head to Zombie's blog to check out more on H2.

Extra Tidbit: Wonder if Zombie will eventually remake SEASON OF THE WITCH...
Source: MySpace



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