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UPDATE: Video of Miller discussing the vehicles, plans and casting for FURY ROAD with Aussie ABC News can be found below.

10.23.09 -From out of the wastelands he came, determined to make another MAD MAX. The man they called... George Miller.

More than two decades after visiting Bartertown, the filmmaker is finally shifting MAD MAX: FURY ROAD into gear. As we heard the other day, Miller is reportedly interested in sending Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy (BRONSON, ROCKnROLLA) speeding down the white line nightmare.

Following that rumor, THR now reports that the movie will in fact film Down Under next year in Sydney and outback New South Wales. It comes with a $100 million budget, helping fill the hole in the local Australian economy left after Warner Bros. yanked GREEN LANTERN off the continent.

And while there's still no verification on whether this Max will be a completely new character or just a different face (since Mel Gibson is almost assuredly not returning), ABC tosses another name into the rumor mill: suddenly A-list Aussie Sam Worthington (TERMINATOR SALVATION, AVATAR).

Extra Tidbit: Mel Gibson made $15,000 for starring in the first MAD MAX.
Source: THRABC



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