More Winged Creatures

I reported not too long ago that a bunch of actors including Jackie Earle Haley had joined the growing cast of the indie drama WINGED CREATURES, which is looking better and better. I really dig that title in particular.

Now, it's reported that Jeanne Tripplehorn (MICKEY BLUE EYES) and Embeth Davidtz (JUNEBUG) have signed on for writer/director ROWAN WOODS in the ensemble piece about a group of strangers who witness a random shooting and then form a unique friendship. I'm pretty sure that if I were anywhere near a shooting, my first move would be, I don't know, maybe get the hell out of there, rather than sit around and make friends, but hey, I'll give this one the benefit of the doubt.

The fantastic cast already includes the aforementioned Earle Haley, Guy Pearce, Kate Beckinsale, Dakota Fanning and recent Oscar winner Forest Whitaker. Tripplehorn will play Fanning's mother, while Davidtz will play a wife who suffers from migraines but places her husbands needs over her own. Awww.
Extra Tidbit: Jeanne Tripplehorn was originally cast as Mia Wallace in PULP FICTION but had to turn down the role. Talk about regret!
Source: Dark Horizons



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