Mortal KomBatman

We don't really cover videogames, but I'm fairly certain a good percentage of readers spend quality time with fingers lovingly wrapped around controllers (and will soon be paying a lengthy visit to Liberty City), so this may be of interest: the chance to pit their favorite DC heroes against the bizarre denizens of the MORTAL KOMBAT universe.

As curious as it may seem (and about a decade after Marvel's characters smashed it up with Street Fighter), it's true -- Scorpion will indeed be thrusting his magic harpoon into Wonder Woman (ahem) in MK vs. DCU. No word yet on precisely which characters from the extensive respective rosters will make the cut, but it's probable that none of them will lose their heads in a gruesome finishing move -- the game will NOT be rated 'M' (for mature). What a pisser.

Click the below profiles for more details, and a video clip featuring Batman and Subzero punching each other through walls and shit.


Extra Tidbit: MORTAL KOMBAT spawned numerous videogame sequels and spinoffs, two feature films, an animated series, a live-action show, comics, action figures and a live tour. And Johnny Cage was lame in all of them.
Source: Gamespot



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