Mostow updates Namor

While we've all been drooling over the news circling THE AVENGERS and the standalone movies that go along with it like THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICAN and IRON MAN 2, one in-development Marvel movie seems to be forgotten about: SUB-MARINER. Jonathan Mostow has been attached to direct the film since 2006 and our own Jenna Busch caught up with the man at a SURROGATES press day and tried to weasel some intel out of the guy. Here's her report:

I just spoke to Jonathan at the press junket for SURROGATES. I asked him the burning question every Marvel fan wants to know. Is he directing SUB-MARINER? He told me that it's still in development and he's working on it. He couldn't give me any details because, as he said, any Marvel project is pretty secretive. He said, "you really have to get the script right for this sort of thing."

Makes sense. The man...I mean "homo-mermanus"...fights with fish, lived in Atlantis, was shaved by the Human Torch and has a crush on Sue Storm. Wouldn't be hard to mess that up, would it?

Touche Ms. Busch. While either of the underwater superheroes (Namor or Aquaman) would be tough to pull off, I'm glad Marvel hasn't totally abandoned the idea. Do you care much about a SUB-MARINER movie?

Extra Tidbit: Jason Statham was once rumored to be in the running to play Namor.
Source: JoBlo.com



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