Mr. Big in the City

Even though my penis hates for me to admit it, I've seen most of SEX AND THE CITY, and even worse; I kinda liked it. So if like me, you can't wait to curl up with a special someone and see what the girls get up to on the big screen, you'll be happy with the news that Chris Noth has officially signed on to reprise his iconic role as 'Big'. The five principals, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Sassy all made it official in July, when New Line agreed to finance and distribute the movie.

As I'm sure you know (who doesn't?), the final episode of SEX AND THE CITY saw Big fly to Paris and tell Carrie what we all wanted to hear (that he loved her) and that he wanted to bring her back to New York. America triumphs over Russia and the Cold War is over. I can't believe no-one has written an essay comparing the season finale of SEX AND THE CITY and the final act of ROCKY 4. Anyway, shooting is slated to begin in September.
Extra Tidbit: Hottest chick in SEX AND THE CITY? I'm in the Kristin Davis camp...
Source: Dark Horizons



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