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Netflix acquires supernatural action film Spectral


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In another seemingly sweet distribution deal picked up by Netflix, the ultimate streaming service will debut the Legendary Pictures-produced action/sci-fi film SPECTRAL. The Nic Mathieu-directed film stars James Badge Dale, Emily Mortimer and Bruce Greenwood and will hit Netflix on December 9th. Deadline describes the movie as "A brilliant DARPA scientist embarks on a deadly mission with a Special Ops team of Delta Force soldiers into a battle-scarred, war-torn city, where mysterious phantom aggressors code-named Spectral have been causing inexplicable civilian deaths." Nifty!

It may also interest you to know that the score was done by Junkie XL (BATMAN V SUPERMAN, DEADPOOL) and that the weapons sported by the soldiers were created by Peter Jackson’s Weta Workshop, with VFX done by Weta Digital. Now, normally I'd say this was not a great sign for the film, but it's possible that Legendary Pictures didn't quite have the budget to push this film, and landed a sweet deal with Netflix. After all, more people are willing to stay indoors to watch original content than the alternative these days. I guess we'll be receiving a Netflix trailer soon enough!

SPECTRAL hits Netflix on December 9th.

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Source: Deadline



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