Netflix set-top box?

After effectively turning the home video market on its head, Netflix is looking to take the next step in getting you your movies. The company announced today that it will release a new set-top box later this year that will allow subscribers to download movies directly to their TV. Netflix currently has a "Watch Instantly" program that is free for subscribers but is limited in users because of technology constraints (I've tried it and it can be a hassle). The new box, which arrives without a catchy name (Netbox? Flixbox?), will be manufactured by LG Electronics and will be available in late summer/early fall. The box will still require a computer that will select the appropriate titles to be delivered to the box that hooks up to your TV. Apple is rumored to be working on a similar movie rental service through iTunes for the Apple TV box but they have not confirmed that plan. Amazon currently offers some Tivo owners the option of downloading movies to their TV through their Amazon Unbox service. Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, also hinted that video games may be in the company's future as well as they look to expand beyond mailing DVDs. So far the company has spent a whopping $40 million in research and development in new markets.

Extra Tidbit: Can we just skip the HD-DVD/Blu-ray nonsense and go right to HD video downloads?
Source: Business Week



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