New Conan found?

UPDATE - Latino Review says their "super solid source" has told them this story is complete bullshit. According to sources at both Lionsgate and Nu Image/Millennium, the film doesn't even have a casting director yet and is far from "being in talks" with any actor about the part... We'll see how this shakes out.

6.18.09 - It sounds like the makers of the new CONAN movie don't want to stray far from the barbarian we know and love.

The producers are reportedly considering handing the Cimmerian's sword to reasonable Arnie facsimile Roland Kickinger... who happens to be a bodybuilder-turned-actor from Austria. Eerie.

Kickinger, who recently doubled for the former T-800 in TERMINATOR SALVATION (that was his impressive physique wearing Schwarzenegger's digital face), has been kicking around Hollywood for a few years, popping up in various sitcoms and appearing as a regular on the BAYWATCH parody SON OF THE BEACH.

I'm pretty okay with this idea -- Kickinger certainly bears sufficient likeness to maintain a degree of continuity within the movie universe of Robert E. Howard's wandering warrior (whether director Marcus Nispel intends or not), he's clearly carrying the requisite amount of beef, and he doesn't come with the baggage of past roles. And hey, playing the character basically launched Arnie's career, which turned out fairly decent. Whattaya think?

Extra Tidbit: Kickinger played Schwarzenegger in a 2005 TV movie called "SEE ARNOLD RUN". Extra eerie.
Source: THR



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