New Hulk pics!

I’m not sure who the actor is that Marvel found to play their latest incarnation of THE INCREDIBLE HULK, but he’s gargantuan. Empire Magazine has a couple of new exclusive pics from the movie, and in the one BELOW you’re able to see just how big the actor is in comparison to Tim Roth, who plays villainous Emil Blonksy aka The Abomination. Apparently the studio was able to save millions of dollars on CGI shots (Ang Lee’s HULK was fully computer generated). It’s a striking image, with wreckage in the background and man and beast squaring off in the foreground. Apparently Lou Ferrigno, who played the original Hulk on TV, has a cameo in this film. Do you think that could be him underneath all that green makeup? I knew he was bodybuilder, but this is just disturbing. Click on Lou to head to Empire to see a larger version, and another picture.
Extra Tidbit: Ed Norton and Tim Roth both used motion capture for their performances as The Hulk and The Abomination and performed their fights on soundstage with 37 digital cameras.
Source: Empire Online



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