No Jack for Clooney

Back in July, as people were trying to figure out the mess that cause the collapse of the Brad Pitt baseball drama MONEYBALL, rumors began to surface that George Clooney was interested in starring in a Jack Ryan reboot for Paramount. Back when we ran the news it was reported that Clooney was looking for some quality commercial material to help balance out the BURN AFTER READING and LEATHERHEADS of the world. But before Clooney can get too excited, he's not in Paramount's plans for the film.

The producer of the as yet untitled upcoming Jack Ryan movie Lorenzo di Bonaventura spoke to MTV and said that while there is a script in active development at the studio for an upcoming Jack Ryan film, the project they're working on has a much younger Jack Ryan than the almost 60-year-old Clooney. Said Lorenzo, ""It's for a young Jack Ryan. I love George, but it's not written for a man of his age. It's written for a guy in his early 30s."

Didn't they already try this experiment with Ben Affleck in SUM OF ALL FEARS? Wasn't what we liked about the earlier Jack Ryan films was that they were established older men like Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin?

Extra Tidbit: There were rumors a while back that Ryan Gosling was in talks to star as Jack Ryan and perhaps his name might come again.
Source: MTV



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