Ocean's 13 Poster

Even though I felt violated after OCEAN'S TWELVE, I still can't wait to see OCEAN'S THIRTEEN. I just can't forsee that such a good cast/director can make two shitty movies in a row. It's surely just not possible. The trailer looks good and Ellen Barkin looks smoking hot, so hopefully all will go well.

Cinematical has an exclusive first look at the new poster for the movie, so head on over THERE to check it out! It doesn't seem too different from the red teaser poster that has been out for a while, but I suck at those tell-the-difference puzzles you get, and Cinematical writes that there are at least five differences. See if you can see any because if you can, you've a better eye than I. The movie sees Danny Ocean (Clooney) bring the crew back together to get one over new casino owner Willy Bank (Pacino) after he crosses Reuben (Elliot Gould), with the help of (among other things) a killer prosthetic nose.
Extra Tidbit: All of Pacino's scenes for the movie were filmed in 3 weeks.
Source: Cinematical



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