Oscar previews online!

Last night at the very end of the Oscar telecast (during the credits, actually), they ran a whole bunch of previews for movies that are coming out in the year ahead. In case you were a little bleary eyed from the umpteenth Brangelina reaction shot and missed it, we were able to grab the vid and post it online for you. There are some Oscar possibles in the list including PUBLIC ENEMIES, THE SOLOIST, AMELIA, THE BOAT THAT ROCKED and AN EDUCATION and some Oscar no-f*cking-ways like THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123, FAME, NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2, OLD DOGS and G-FORCE (the movie about gerbils). All mixed up in the middle were movies like SHERLOCK HOLMES, FUNNY PEOPLE, UP, TERMINATOR SALVATION, 500 DAYS OF SUMMER, MONSTERS VS. ALIENS, HARRY POTTER and much more. Check out the clip below! And if you're starving for even more Oscar coverage, you can check out the full winners list, our live Oscar blog from last night and, of course, the hotties on the red carpet. Enjoy!

Source: JoBlo.com



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