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Palansky's Iron Jack


Director Mark Palanksy (PENELOPE) is helming the upcoming IRON JACK.

JACK is about a successful novelist in the 1930s who goes on a quest for a legendary treasure. The story was penned by newbie screenwriter Johnny Rosenthal. Rosenthal's name attached to the script apparently started a bit of a bidding war.

Out of curiosity, I watched a short film that he wrote called THE CONVENTION. I wouldn't waste my time with it unless you are extremely bored. The writing was a tad corny in my opinion. Maybe he's got something else out there that really is wowing the Hollywood crowd.

The plot of the movie sounds a little like INDIANA JONES and THE LIBRARIAN, but perhaps there's some sort of cool, edgy twist...or not. There's nothing that's really exciting me about this project yet. This is the early stage however, so it's a little early to judge.

Extra Tidbit: Palanksy looks like he could be the offspring of Mark Cuban.
Source: Empire



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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