Palmer Transforms

A little while ago Michael Bay had the internet community in complete disarray when he revealed his nefarious plan to "give so much disinformation on [TRANSFORMERS 2] to confuse everyone". Thankfully, we might be able to believe this news piece though, since it comes not from Bay or any of his devious minions, but from Clint over at Moviehole. Teresa Palmer has today joined the cast of the upcoming sequel to TRANSFORMERS. Love interest to Shia? He's such a pimp after all. Or perhaps an older brother?

You might remember that Palmer was allegedly to play Talia Al-Ghul in the unholy JUSTICE LEAGUE film before that collapsed. She also will be seen in the upcoming Adam Sandler flick BEDTIME STORIES. And oh yeah, this is great news. This chick couldn't be much cuter. I mean, I guess technically she could be sat by a trickling stream where a couple of cartoon robins tied her ponytail with their beaks and a piece of pink ribbon, but that's merely conjecture at this point and I don't have the time or the technology to test that hypothesis.
Extra Tidbit: Palmer's first feature was WOLF CREEK.
Source: Moviehole



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