Paul WS Anderson to direct Buck Rogers in 3D Space

Do you love Buck Rogers? Does it give you fond memories?

Well, this news will either enhance or hurt those memories that you have.

Paul WS Anderson is set to direct the new version of BUCK ROGERS. They've also decided to include everyone's new favorite trend, 3D. IRON MAN screenwriters Art Marcum and Matt Holloway will pen the script.

Buck Rogers was a former United States Army Air Corps officer who fell into a coma after exposure to a leaking gas after being trapped in a mine. He later awakens in the 25th century. Together with his new found friends, Wilma Deering and Dr. Huer, they battle against evil Mongol warlords who have taken over.

Originally it was thought that Frank Miller would take this project on. But as soon as it was brought up, it was denied.

Honestly, I like Anderson. He's done movies that I enjoy, whether they are perfect or not. The man also directed my favorite video game brought to the big screen, MORTAL KOMBAT.

I'll see an Anderson take on BUCK ROGERS, will you?

Extra Tidbit: Anderson is often asked what it's like to work with Bill Murray.
Source: Deadline



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