Pixar officially announces Monsters Inc. 2 and Brave, with release dates

We recently caught wind of a possible sequel to Pixar's wonderful MONSTERS, INC., and it's the real deal.

Disney has announced that audiences will be able to revisit Monstropolis and check in with Sully and Mike Wazowski on November 16th, 2012. No other details have been offered, but chances are it'll be pretty damn great. And probably in 3D.

Also, Disney and Pixar have given BRAVE a release date of June 15, 2012. Wait, BRAVE? Yeah, that used to be known as THE BEAR AND THE BOW, a fairy tale with Reese Witherspoon providing her voice as "impetuous, tangle-haired Merida," a Scottish Highlands princess who wants to become an expert archer. Merida makes a reckless decision that unintentionally opens her kingdom to a dark curse, before (presumably) learning a valuable moral lesson and saving the day.

Extra Tidbit: I'd be worried about a sequel diminishing the perfection of the original MONSTERS, INC. if Pixar hadn't already improved on one of their movies with its TOY STORY sequel.
Source: THR



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