Radiohead Choke

UPDATE - Chuck Palahniuk is confused. According to The Playlist, Radiohead didn't compose the score for CHOKE nor did they contribute a new song to the film. They simply allowed "Reckoner," a previously available track, to be used in the film. When you remember that "Fake Plastic Trees" is in CLUELESS, you'll find this news not all that Earth shattering.

British band Radiohead will be scoring CHOKE, the second movie based on a Chuck Palahniuk (FIGHT CLUB) novel. In the film, a sex-addicted con-man (Sam Rockwell) pays for his mother's hospital bills by playing on the sympathies of those who rescue him from choking to death.

"Clark Gregg [Choke director]... knew that I'd written Choke while listening to [Radiohead's 1993 debut album] Pablo Honey, with Creep over and over and over... So Clark got Radiohead to contribute a song; to write a song for the very end of the movie, the final credits... Apparently Radiohead liked the movie so much, they've written the score."

I'm not exactly sure whether they just contributed a song, or they actually did in fact score the thing, but it doesn't matter because Radiohead are f*cking amazing. It's like asking whether you danced on a rainbow or slid along it, that you just experienced its unremitting beauty is miracle enough!

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